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Committee Chairs

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President: Julie M. Hunter


Arts & Letters: Kim Lewis-Collins

Budget & Finance: Deidra Rudd 

Chaplain's Council: Janet Patterson

Courtesy: Odessa James & Yvonne Myricks

Delta Academy: Thelma Ramsey- Bryant & Michaele Clayborne-Crosby

Delta GEMS: Renee Richardson & Jacqueline Young

EMBODI: Hawaiian Thompson-Epps & Merolyn Kelly

Fundraising: Andrea Anderson

Heritage & Archives: Dawn Manning 

Information & Technology: 

Internal Audit: Frances English

International Awareness & Involvement: Nichelle Gordon-Scott

May Week: Rosemary Hughes & Christina Bennett

Membership: Esther Kuykendoll

Nominating: Cynthia Sherwood-Samuel

Physical & Mental Health: Nina Guercio

Policies & Procedures: Michele Murchison

Program Planning & Development: Solange Davis

Risk Management: Deborah Allen-Taylor

Ritual & Ceremonies: Gail Cushnie-Bell

Scholarship & Education: Lauren Agnew

Social Action: Sharon Cockey

Julie Hunter#2.jpg


Julie Hunter

Solange Davis.jpg

Solange Davis

1st Vice President

Deidra Rudd - Edited.png


Deidra Rudd

Janet Patterson - Edited.png


Jayda Yizar cropped.png

Corresponding Secretary

Assistant Treasurer

Kim Severe

Beverly Goss

Sergeant at Arms

Assistant Financial Secretary

 Financial Secretary

Recording Secretary

Esther Kuykendoll - Edited.png

Esther Kuykendoll

2nd Vice President

Joyce Hodgson

April Gaunt-Butler

LaTanya Carter

Janet Patterson

Jayda Yizar

April Gaunt  Butler cropped.png
Joyce Hodgson cropped.png
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